Need help with a landing

I m flying Frankfurt-Santiago on the expert server right now on a 748. I took off with about 14hr fuel however now it’s showing me the fuel in the red. What should I do?

Ok so this is a known issue with the B747 aircraft in IF. You should be fine

Wait really?

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I’d suggest using the amount of fuel gives you when creating a flight plan, and would suggest using about 60% trim during your flight.

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The flight itself is 12hr long so I thought 2hr worth of extra fuel would be enough

I wouldn’t trust what IF says as the aircraft is quite outdated. I would always suggest the link I gave above.

Please also consider that the heavier you are, the more fuel you’ll burn. As you burn more fuel throughout your flight, you’ll become lighter and won’t burn as much fuel.

It may show red for a bit after you depart, but may change as you get lighter and burn less.

This happened to me VTBS-YSSY. I was 3 hours short 1 hour after reaching cruise, but when I arrived, I had 6 hours to spare. Known issue.

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