Need help with 21.4 update

Hi, I’m here because I need some help with the new uptdate 21.4. I’ve the pro susbcription but I can’t have the new update on my game but I can play online. That’s normal?
I hope you can help.
Sorry for my bad english😅

What device u using?

If you are on iOS the update can take a while to reach your device

Well I’m on iOS and I got the update

Mate it takes an hour tops not 7h

I know, but there are cases updates don’t reach after a long time.

When the 19.1 update was released, I got the update the day after release, so 🤷‍♂️

I believe that’s just called a bad internet my friend.


Well, How can I do all other sort of stuff than recieve the update?

Try refreshing the App Store! It worked for me.😉

Nope. It actually can take up to 24 hours based on a number of factors. Internet speed does not change how fast you get an alert to update, it changes how long it takes to update. Time, Location, Device among other things are all key variables on why updates take a while. I’m in EST, Toronto, a major city in Canada with a newer phone and still don’t have it while having over 100mbps speeds.

You may need to manually update the app by going to the App Store and finding IF simulator and then simply press update

I’ve a Samsung j6 2018 but it’s strange, my play store says that my game version is 20.03.04 and it don’t propose to update my game.

Android support was updated version 21.1 onwards. More information regarding this change can be found here:

Have you been able to get all the other 21.X updates?

If not, I think your device runs a 32 bit version of the android OS, while any Infinite flight updates since 21.1 require a 64 bit version. This would be why your app is stuck in 20.3 (more info about 32 vs 64 bit can be found in the post @Jet_Airways_995 linked)

I just searched on internet if my phone have 32 or 64 bits and it says that it’s a 64 bits one.
And no, I don’t have any update 21.X.
So I’m stuck and I don’t understand why…

This device is unfortunately not running a 64-bit version of Android.

Haaaa… kinna sad but it’s okay, I can still play online but without new updates. Thank you for your help ;)

No worries.

It’s a shame. One would expect that a device with a 64-bit chipset would be using a 64-bit version of the operating system. But there’s a few out there that’s not, odd decision from the manufacturer.

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