Need help to decide a vacation

Hello everyone! I am planning on doing a trip with my family (we are 4) and we wanted to go either to Phuket, or to Srilanka. So in your opinion, which one could be better to go to? By the way I’m traveling from Dubai.

For the best experience go to Sri Lanka but for the best food go to Phuket

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Sri Lanka for sure. Had a great time when I went!

Good luck with your travels. I hope you have a great time wherever you decide to go.

You most visit Phuket, the best place to relax and explore the beautiful nature.

PHUKET. No decision. Beautiful beaches right by the airport (no swimming, unfortunately?). It’s the Sint Maarten of Asia (but planes a bit higher). It’s one of the top places I want to go.

PHUKET! I’ve been to the Marriot in Phuket before with my family. It was amazing! There are even elephants walking on the beaches that you can feed. Highly recommend.

Go to phuket, but get a little boat to Koh Yao Noi, in the bay. I stayed in the “Tha Khao bay view” which was a little tree house type place run by a local family. Great food and great views!

Hello! Travel tips is not really what #real-world-aviation is about… Sure, you may be getting there on an aircraft. But that’s about as close to RWA as you’ll get in this case :)