Need help to create a VA website

Hello, I am working on a new VA and I Need help to create a wbsite

I would either use a VA creator or :)

Here are some suggestions;

  • phpVMS (Infinite Airlines are best)
  • VAM - Infinite Airlines can help you out but you will have to pay
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Request for someone to hand code you one here

If you make one using which is my reccomendation i will be willing to assist you possibly?

For making the (advertising) website, I’d use GoDaddy or Weebly.
(If you’d like another person to work with on the website, I’d be happy to help out.)

For making a Crew Center (somewhere to log flights, see flight hours, etc.), I’d check out this topic: Infinite Airlines - Providing best crew websites! [edit: Whoops, Velocity already mentioned this website.]

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Guys @callum5124 and @racerclc I made it in WIX but I will be more than happy if you will help me to make a good one (my web is so poor) in weebly


I made a website for my High School’s Aviation Club with Wix. It really just takes getting the hang of the ADI and if you get really good you can move on to the editor.

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