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This morning I was flying from KIAD to KMCO on expert server. Shortly after takeoff I began a left turn to intercept my flight pattern. I was then told by the departure ATC controller “IFATC MWE2187” to turn RIGHT heading 310 which was the opposite direction of my flight course. Note that I had already turned LEFT 90 degrees once the controller had contacted me. I responded with “Unable, please stand by” I then began a turn back to the right but it was to late, I was already ghosted. I didn’t even have time to request flight following to KMCO. I am now banned from Expert sever for a week and am a little confused why I was ghosted so quickly. Any help?

@mwe2187 will contact you as soon as poosible :)

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Also if ATC tells you to do something you follow his instructions next time :)


ATC most likely gave you a heading to avoid conflict with another aircraft in the vicinity. Once you are clear of all potential conflict you are told to resume own navigation. Regardless of what your flight plan is you still must always obey atc instructions even though it may not be your favorite thing to do. Their here to help. Good luck on getting it resolved! 🙂


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Next time, make sure to read the following topic regarding help with ghostings. :)

Blue skies!

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Hello, i will be sending you a Pm shortly.


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