Need help refuel!

Please can someone come and help me refuel? Im on the expert server flying from YSSY to FAOR. I am 600nm out from Durban. Just spawn in FALE and put YSSY on your flight plan and go and then you will find me. Please hurry. Ill keep you updated

This would probably be better suited for the Group Flights channel on the discord server 😉. I wish you the best of luck tho!

Yeah idk how i ran out fuel. Not the first time with this particular aircraft - B747-400. I checked the flight time on the interenet, put that time + 1 hour. idk what happened

what are u in?

and closest airport

ok ur in 747, you can only refuel military aircraft

Check my updates

Divert to a close airport. That is all I can say tbh.

he in the ocean lol

Yip. Check my other posts for more updates

see (ten ten ten)

Even if you could aerial refuel, you do know it would take nearly two hours for anyone to get out this far… right?

my suggestion is shut off 2 engines and slowly descend to use minimal fuel

Butter can u fly rn?

im kinda bored

I can’t fly tonight unfortunately

ok i try again other time

What Mach speed were you cruising at? Were you battling any unfavorable winds? How heavy were you? All of these factors (and more) will impact how far your fuel will take you.

Also to get a realistic fuel flow in the 747 Flaps 10 is recommended


Oh rip I was going to help…… but I got to this 17hours late