Need help practicing my ATC skills!

Hey everyone! I’m trying to polish my skills in ATC (tower and ground) and I need some help with this, I’m sure some of you would need help practicing your ATC skills too! So why don’t we help each other, coordinate and practice together?


When you do open ping me n I’ll swing by and do some pattern work.


Same - ping me when you open and I’ll try to join.


Hey are your practicing for IFATC? Ping me when you’re opening I’ll do pattern work and some other stuff

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ping me when you open next time me i’ll try to come

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ping me too!

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ping me too!

We’ll be more than happy to have you with the team! Hope to see you soon!!

Ping me too!!

Do ping us and we will be more than happy to help!

Hit me up too!

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