Need Help: Pilot Command - On Final

One thing I have noticed is that when people enter the red cone they contact the tower and announce that they are on final. Is this the correct time to do it? and how do I do it? where is that command?

Look on ATC Tower for final.

It’s right if you’re flying patterns and you haven’t already received a landing clearance.
ATC (Tower) > Report Position > Final > Send
If you’re coming from approach it’s better to announce Inbound on the ILS.


ah okay, thank you this is very helpful

As @Laurens said you ask in this case but always you must contact tower before and ask for inbound,after you get a instruction and clearance.very important,after clearence is not necesary to report position.

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Do not report your position when you have been cleared or sequenced.


and the cone is the ILS glideslope :p :p so “intercepting the glideslope”

Okay, I have seen a lot of people get clearance and before they land the report they are on final. I have never done it but I usually call or request inbound from about 20NM out so I thought reporting you were on final served as a reminder.

No, do not do that! Once you are cleared you should not report your position.


I sometimes do it because some towers clear a takeoff when I’m 600 ft from the ground… It’s just a reminder that I’m about to land and they need to get going. BTW this usually happens on PG, not on advanced.

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I use the position reporting in another situation. Sometimes when I am inbound for touch and go the ATC forgot it and his final clearance is for landing and not for the option. The only way to notice to him that my intention is not to land is to report my position: Swiss 01 is on final runway XX touch and goes. I don’t know if it is right but it works.

Guys as @Carson said if you get clearance from the tower you dont need nothing more ,generally the atc are very busy and no need more requests.

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I just go around when that happens.

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I’m usually flying slow enough that I can land if they hurry and takeoff

If you’re cleared to land/cleared for option, you shouldnt be announcing Final. You will notice some ATC like myself broadcast, Flight… Youre already Cleared to Land, avoid sending unnecessary report