Need help on taking off in Infinite Flight

Like the title says, I always have trouble taking off in IF as when I attempt to takeoff my aircraft does a 180 turn when i build up some speed. And when I do it faster to avoid the 180 turn it stalls shortly after takeoff.

P.S. I have my throttle at 100% so I do not know why it stalls! It shouldn’t do that. Also my Trim is set to 100%,Flaps at 30 degrees and Spoilers on Flight for maximum power.


Firstly trim shouldn’t be set for no more then 10% if even , flaps all depends on weight however full flaps is not needed. Spoilers must not be deployed at all, make sure you recalibrate your device once on the runway

Try again , spawn on solo with a A321 on a longish runway. Set the following:

Weight: 40%

When you hit 155kts slowly pull up and lift off the runway …


You are doing it totally wrong.
Flaps should be no greater than 10 degrees. Trim should be zero. Spoilers should not be activated at all. And make sure you have calibrated.


Also use rudder to compensate for crosswind, but gently. And like Joshua said, ease back on the yoke. You want to lift the weight off the nose gear and let the lift generated in the airfoil pull you skyward. Good luck keep at it!


For Boeing aircraft like the 757,767, 777 and 787 flaps 15 is common for takeoff.


Whats best takeoff speed for 77W to avoid stall?

140-150ish is good. Set flaps 5-10, and rotate to about 10-15 degrees nose up.

If you’re light and with Flaps 15, it should be between 145-160kts depending on winds.

Nose 10-20 degrees is how much on autopilot?

Do not use autopilot on take-off.


I always have the HDG set to runway HDG.

You depart with AP on?

Yep, so do other people. Only with HDG on though.

Don’t use autopilot on takeoff. They don’t use A/P for takeoff in real life either.

Climb gently in a way such that your vertical speed is between 2500-3000 fpm. Also follow the advice regarding rotation speed and flaps as given above.


Also, 100% power is too much, try 85%.


Spoilers shouldn’t even be used until the last ten minutes of your descent.

So you turn on Auto pilot basically after takeoff when you reach 2,500 - 3,000 ft? Ill try practicing manual takeoff with 2,500 fpm steady climb. I figured out the problem was I let the aircraft stay on runway for too long and since it was 100% throttle it went sudden turn now it turns very slightly when taking off. Also I thought spoilers made the plane go faster :P my bad

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Having the AP engaged, even heading, during your take off roll is asking for trouble!

Have you checked the tutorial on the app for take off and landing? It has a C172 that shows you the basics.

If you want to try a jet suggest that you first start off in say the B737-700 as a good starter.

*Try first in SOLO mode, set wind to 0 and temp to about 15-20 Deg C.
*When you first spawn (on a runway of your choice) first put your brakes on.
*Set your weight and balance to ‘normal’ (make sure your MLW is green)
*Next set your height section in the AP is set to about 3000ft
*Trim = 0
*Spoilers = OFF
*Flaps = 15
*Then release your brakes, advance your throttle first to about 50% then when you are rolling in a nice straight line increase throttle to about 85% for take off.
*When you reach about 150kts slowly pull the nose up to 5 degrees (first line on the HUD), when you are clear of the ground you can increase the rate of climb to the second line on the HUD (10 degrees), then select gear up.
*Now you can put your Auto pilot on in stages. First put heading on then also height (make sure the VS is between 2500 to 3000), leave the speed until you reach about 200kts.
*once above 1000ft in height you can slowly bring the flaps up in stages and at the same time increase your speed to 250kts. By the time you have reached 3000ft you should be in a ‘clean’ state, ie al flaps in, gear up and climbing at 250kts.
*Then you can look to change course and enter the pattern for some touch and gos!

*When you have some experience with no weather, slowly start adding in some wind so you can see how it effects your take-off and landings, soon you will be ready to tackle live!


Thanks for the information! Ill check out some tutorials.


You don’t need 100% thrust, that’s overworking the engines. Takeoff thrust is between 90-95% N1 (the little percentage thing above your throttle). Spoilers are for slowing down dude, setting them to “flight” for takeoff is not giving you any boost in power, it’s killing your airspeed. Trim is way too high, it shouldn’t exceed 10% positive at most, any more than that and you run the risk of crashing. Flaps 30 is also way above what you need-almost double or triple what you need in some cases-set your flaps to 10-15 degrees for takeoff.

Those last two things I pointed out are the reason why your aircraft is doing what it’s doing, it has too much stuff pulling it into the sky too fast. Correct those and you should takeoff easy as pie.