need help on Tablet info

Hello, I am thinking of buying this Acer Tablet for IF, as an upgrade from my very crappy phone. All i want is a simple yes or no… With 16 GB ROM from an Model AC-183 Acer tablet be enough to work well on global IF??? I need to know before buying. I can not afford very much at all less than 100$ usually… so i need the very cheapest… But I want best graphics… so Only comments about the Acer AC -183 please… 16 GB seems like enough?

Check this topic below:

You won’t be able to run IF with the best graphics though, not with a device that Iow in price.


Not finding the exact tablet you were looking for, but this thread below can aid you in your search.

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I already seen this, and I can not afford any of these… my current phone is an LG K4… and it works with IF but on Global I have to use low and medium graphics, but even then at that runs slow and freezes then starts to crash. so Looking to upgrade to a tablet that would only be used for IF.

I would await for someone to hopefully reply with more knowledge, if I was you though I would save up and buy the iPad 2017 or 2018. Just to note my Air 2 is over 4 years old and still handles the max graphics so it’s a good investment and it will last a long time.

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this is the most i am saving up… i make monthly 265$… and nearly 200$ of that goes to essentials… but I have made almost over 300$ with extra work…

@Kirito_77 or @Starley can help you as they are Android geniuses.

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Is the iPad 2018 not in your budget then? It’s $329.

Damn IF… they want to make money only from “rich people” because it should not be only medium to high devices… they cost A LOT of money… there are many of us who barely make any money at all and on assistance… they should think about us poorer people with very little money but have enough to want to play IF.

I only have 140$ and I am very impatient and looking to buy ASAP. I already waited 3 months since I played…

I foresee you having no better performance than your current device sadly, IF is designed for mobile devices. It’s just not possible to cater to those lower end devices for obvious reasons. If that were the case most of what we have including global will not be possible, simple as that.

I wasnt able to find a device with that model number. However you will certainly not be able to run infinite flight with a device in that price range. Its best to wait and save a bit more so you can buy a much better device like the ipad 2018 which will definitely run infinite flight at the best settings.

Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

I know this is irrelevant but how are you messaging us? Like a phone? PC?

PC, but I can message using both.

Oh alright. If you want, you can use blue stacks for now, but I think the best option is the iPad 2018

It’s not rich vs poors… If company like Apple don’t invent and people upgrade they will cease to exist including companies working with them. I see you dont forget to upgrade new pairs of pants and shirt once in while :D
(It’s human nature, always wants something new)

what about Ipad mini 2?

No that’s not a good device. The iPad 2017 or the iPad 2018 otherwise you will just be wasting your money

nope… too much money for those “newly” devices… I would only accept old usuable affordable devices.

Anyways you can buy decent one on 0% interest?