Need help on my camera

Help me… I have a canon power shot sx540 any advice on settings or do you know any good starter cameras for spotting that are at the most 300$

@AndrewWu @Moritz could maybe help

I’m new and I can’t pm sorry about the topic

No problem, they should comment here when they are on the IFC the next time

Good settings to go for with spotting, at least what I use, in good weather would be using Av mode with f8.0, maybe a bit more or less depending on light and ISO 100 to start with. If light doesn’t allow for these settings, choose a lower number like 7.1, 5.6 or whatever or increase the ISO.

When it comes to the camera itself I don’t know the Powershot but from a quick glimpse online it could work for spotting if you are not horribly far away and especially considering your budget limit.

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So AV mode all the time?

Another tip in looking for good shots is its all about the lens. Yes you may want a good camera but try and invest more of your money in a lens

Is it more suitable for #real-world-aviation:spotting?

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