Need Help Making an Event

So I am planning to make a fly-out event at kbna. But I need someone to help me with it because I’ve never done 1 before like this and dont know how to set up the routes and stuff.

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It’s all personally how you want to set up routes since it’s your event! I’ll link you one of my events of how I set up routes and gates. But I use @PlaneCrazy’s gate format:)

If you scroll down a little bit you’ll see it. This format is a lot easier to navigate I think.


Ok. Thanks.

I can always help if needed :)

You can check out my latest event and I created the format myself (or at least I think), so here is the link!

That’s what i want mine like but I dont have the skill nor the time to do all of that.

I can always help! Just send me a PM if needed :)

I will. Let me figure out a date and I’ll get in touch asap

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Here are my tips. Hope this helps!

  • Always make your event at least 2-3 weeks before your planned time, to get time for people to sign up.
  • Make your event have an interesting title, and a unique and creative format which draws in other users.
  • Remember, not everyone on this community lives in the same time zone as you. Make sure to host your event at a suitable time for all.
  • There are a lot of different types of events. One is an event with an established route. What this means is that everyone attending the event will (most likely) fly the same airplane as well as the same route. Another kind of event is a flyout. This type is my personal favorite, and usually the most people attend these. Flyouts are event with no established routes. Instead, everyone will gather at one airport and fly to different destinations around the world.

I really hope this helps. I’ve linked below my most popular and successful event. If you’d like, take a look and observe what the format is like. If you want to use it, don’t hesistate to do so.

(CLOSED) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18

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