Need help looking for flights

Hey, I am probably going to be traveling somewhere next month or April. I need help finding a flight that is on a 717 or another iconic plane that departs from either Sacramento, San Francisco, or surrounding areas. Thank you everyone!

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717s don’t operate on the west coast anymore

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Also, if you want a B717 route. I would connect to ATL. I know BUF gets daily B717’s

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I mean… the 737 is pretty iconic, look at many flights out of SMF or SFO

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I mean like iconic that I won’t be able to fly on for much longer.

Anywhere else?

Most airports on the east coast get the 717 if they can handle it

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Go to you can look up flights by aircrafts, just look for 717 flights.

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I tried doing that and it didn’t work

Aircraft Type ✈ Boeing 717-200 (twin-jet) (B712) Aircraft - FlightAware

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You could try to become a cargo pilot and fly for Kalitta or Atlas Air by April

Thank you @Capzaza

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😂 That’s a little difficult LOL

KEWR. We receive Delta’s.

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Departs SFO on February 29th. Be there.