Need help learning to play

I just got the game yesterday and I suck at it only thing I can do is taxi, need help doing all most everything else thanks 🤗 maybe we could Skype call and play

You could fly with me! PM me for details. There are also things called VAs. PM if you want to join


Oops … Sorry you can’t PM me, since you are a new user. Anyway, let’s chat here. I’m assuming you do not have live?

He can’t PM, he’s a new user.

Either PM an experienced pilot/member or check out the #tutorials category.

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Live is basically a online multiplayer of IF. It is amazing. You can fly with others, and coming soon, fly globally, around the world! There are about 20 regions, half of which are free. There are 34 planes, about 12 our free. If you get Live+, usually around $50, or £40, you get everything free for a year. The standard monthly Live is $5, or £4

Oh, and Welcome to the Forums!

I haven’t purchase the live as yet wanted to actually learn to fly before I took it to the next level


I can tell you’ll be a great pilot

Don’t worry. I’ll give you all the help you’ll need. But first, you need to practicing all the procedures. When you become a basic user, PM me, for more info about flying, VAs etc …

You can PM him. New users can’t make PM’s bet they can reply.

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Maybe here you can find some helpful tips

I learn to play from your tube and so far it is like half helping half confuse

I’d be able to teach you things such as how to takeoff and land, taxi and use autopilot. Maybe even teach you how to interpret ATC instructions into your actions. If you plan to be an even better pilot, meaning know exactly when to put up flaps, when to use reverse thrust and when not to, when to need autopilot, that’s beyond my ability.

Message me or other experienced members and they can help you out id be glad to

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