Need help landing in windy conditions(B737)

This is what I typically use when practising windy landings⬇️

(I used the B737 at runway 04R at KEWR) If it’s a crosswind landing I use this circle thing in the middle of your screen, it’s very useful, it helps keep your plane centred with the runway so as long as the circle is in line with the runway, your fine :)⬇️


I need help as I can land perfectly in 737 in 20kts crosswind but then my plane tilts suddenly and wing strikes

You should fly so that wing doesnt strike.
I mostrly use rudder in this situations bit you have to practice how to use rudder. There are some interesting videos on yt too. I learned a lot there since I am not RL pilot.

There are 2 methods you can use for crosswind landings, Mark covers one here…

The other approach is to use the rudder to align yourself with the runway when you’re 200-300’ AGL. I Land the 737 with 25deg flaps, and shoot for about 125kts when I pull power back and flare. Touchdown is around 115. Keep the rudder correction in until just before you let the nose wheel touch, then release it to neutral. If the nose wheel touches with the crosswind correction in play, it’ll jerk toward the wind. Releasing the rudder just before the nose wheel touches is a timing thing, practice makes perfect.

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@Alan_Perez This topic relates to landing as well, but you need to make sure to use the rudder and USE MLW WEIGHT! Very important!

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