Need Help Landing a CRJ-200

I need help landing a CRJ-200 because of the size of the plane and that it doesn’t have slats i have to land the plane with all the wheels touching down at the same time. I was wondering if that is right?

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Here’s a handy tutorial created by Infinite Flight:

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No. I would add a little bit of flare where available. The CRJ series are weird aircraft to operate and land.

Here is a nice video for you.

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I watched the video, but it is annoying to land the aircraft when there are no slats. Another thing I hate about the aircraft is that the stall speed is pretty high for an aircraft of that size, so that is why I prefer the CRJ-900 and the CRJ-1000.

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I believe Flaps setting 1 on the CRJ extends the slats.

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No it doesn’t because I have tried several different combinations and right now I am using trim set on 50% which is extremely annoying.

What speed are you landing at?

Between 120-130 knots.

That might be a bit slow, I tend to do 135-140 in the CRJ series.

You might be stalling over the runway.

Thats what I do in the 900 and the 1000.

To tell you something the CRJ fleet isn’t a easy plane to land. it’s about that practice then more experience in the plane the better you will get!


I have been trying for quite some time and still can’t get a perfect landing.

@Thunderbolt, the CRJ-100 and -200 do not have slats, which is why they have a ‘nose-down’ attitude during final approach.

@AGForLife, my advice is, depending on weight, try to approach at about 135-140 KIAS with the nose pointed slightly downwards, then at 20 feet, pull back the throttle, lift the nose up even with the horizon, and naturally sink. That’s the method that always works great for me in the CRJ-200.


Just practice, practice, practice, and you’ll be fine.

Trust me, I used to be horrible at landing. Now, I’m a bit better, even though it took me months to improve.

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I am pretty sure that the crj-200 is the most annoying aircraft after the c-17 because the c-17 has no cockpit view.

It will be less of a problem when you try. Trust me. I was in your spot before with a Raptor. Bouncing everywhere at first, but I just kept trying and here I am, greasing the thing until eternity

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I have been trying for months.

Perhaps try more frequently over time. Oh. Here’s a little trick. Maybe you could adjust your sensitivity settings. Lowering the pitch sensitivity could probably make your approach a little less bumpy.

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