Need help in purchasing pro

Operating system:

I need help in logging account. I had my account on grade 3 with around 1400 hours of flying and now after a month when I reinstalled infinite flight, I bought pro and logged in my account but my data is showing me on grade 1 with no flight experience please help me

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It looks like you have made a new account and bought Pro on that. I would recommend you to drop an email.

In the future, it would be better if you log in with your IFC account, as the sub will be linked to the same account.

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I tried logging in my account after reinstalling app, but it was showing that my account wasn’t on this app. Then I bought pro without logging in to another account and when I linked my original account my all progress came to 0

Request you to email []( Schyllberg will be more than happy to help you out.

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Even if I try to login after reinstalling game, it shows this. I am even ready to pay for another pro but can’t login

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Only the support team can assist you out on the issue you are facing, you can dm Schyllberg as he is the one who can help you out.


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