Need help in making tutorial about Airport

Hello everyone, tomorrow FNF is in Moscow, and i wanted to made tutorial about Moscow Sheremetyevo, my favourite Airport. But i have no practice in making topics on the IFC.
I have all information about terminals, runways, made real life SIDs and STARs with real waypoint names, using official resources, information about routes, Airlines, main information…
So. If anyone can help me to made beautiful topic, please, pm me

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What do you mean by “tutorial”?

Example is here; Athens Int. Airport - Your Guide

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Tell about the airspace and a lot of other things, to sum on what I’m saying is tell the main things that are the most important.

I can’t design a page

I never done it.

I’d first take a look at the guidelines listen here:

Some thing I and others may enjoy when reading an airport tutorial is good formatting and knowledgeable information ghat could help you when flying.

Here’s a great tutorial on formatting! It should help with some parts that you wouldn’t know. Can’t wait to see how your topic turns out!

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Hmm, ok, thank you, will try do it today morning, because now it is 0:32 on my clock😅😅

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