Need help getting more fps on my new tablet


I recently got a new device called a lenovo tab P11 and since its brand new i would expect it to run exceptionally fast. i looked through the device compatibility thread and there is nothing there on my device. i have all of my graphics settings on high. thanks

I believe Kirito made a post about it a little while back,

I’m not sure if even a new P11 would be able to run IF on max-high specs like a very high end device could. I’d recommend cutting off some simple settings like turning off Anti-Aliasing. If you’re still getting a lower FPS than expected, you can cut down some texture settings to medium.

Hi @ybtl.aviation, this is your 4th topic now regarding this device.

Just because it’s brand new doesn’t necessarily mean it will have top tier performance.

The Lenovo P11 is a mid range tablet. It’s not particularly powerful and is designed more for media consumption rather than gaming. You’ll need to turn the settings down, mostly to medium. Rendering Resolution to medium and 30fps on are a good place to start.

Try some trouble shooting yourself. We don’t have your device and can’t test settings for you. The device thread exists only because the community has contributed their findings and results to it.


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