Need help from y'all

Hello IFC this is UA2851 currently we are decent into lax but sadly we are having “radio issues” and as the captain of this flight im asking y’all what should i do in these uncurtain time :(

Btw radio issues my lil nice way of saying server problems😂

Servers are down. You can continue and land at your own risk or divert to a nearby airport and wait until the servers are back online.

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Change your callsign to NORDO.
It stands for No radio in aviation.

If i land will it count or no?

No I don’t think that landing will count. Also,you will not get XP from the moment the severs went offline.

You WILL get XP for the remaining flight which was before the server issue.

This is a known issue and the developers are looking into it .
Hopefully the passengers don’t mind holding over the airspace 😂😂😂

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Ik i jus radio problems jus to use another word for server issues…

Flight attendants bugging me to get us down lol


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