need help for a video

my title is going to be “worlds best” where im going to feature some of the best airlines in the world

people suggest some to me

so far i have united, korean air, and british airways

i am going to do emirates, cathay pacific, and lufthansa so don’t suggest those airlines to me

thanks :)


Qatar Airways, and/or Avianca? :)

o yea qatar
how did i forget about them


LOT Polish Airlines

“LOT has also won numerous awards including “Best Airline in Eastern Europe” in 2008, 2009 and 2010 according to the magazine Global Traveler and has been hailed as one of the safest airlines in the world.” - Wikipedia

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Qantas and Turkish Airlines?


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Well they’ve radically changed and expanded. They recently opened new routes to Japan, Korea, and Indonesia, which are very aggressive markets. They’re also discussing options to replace their Embraers with 737 MAXs. First European airline to adopt the 787, and first Eastern European country to adopt a Western fleet. Highly qualified pilots (check out LOT Flight 16). Not to mention they’re also one of the oldest airlines that still operates (est. 1922). Not bad for an airline that belongs to a former communist country. At least to me they’re special.

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Can you explain this?

" released its list of the world’s safest airlines for 2016. Australia’s Qantas airline was named the safest for the third straight year, according to the report."

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theres no need to prove points to each other
i was thinking about adding qantas anyways

You could possibly include American Airlines as well as Delta!

Qantas landed the biggest passenger plane in the sky, when an engine ripped through the wing, and on top of that, Qantas flight 72, all 315 people survived!


maybe one or two only
i only have 3 minutes :(

American and Delta

It’s cool. I’m looking forward to this video!

ill tag you in the forums once i finish it :)

ANA and Japan Airlines maybe? Cathay Pacific might be a good one also.

Thanks how many airlines do you plan on featuring?