Need Help Finding the Registration #

I need some help finding the registration number of an aircraft I flew on. I took a picture from inside the plane that I’d like to post on spotting forums, but they require that I provide the reg. number. Here’s the flight info (more can be provided if necessary):

KCLT-KEWR (Charlotte to Newark)
United Airlines - flight UA2427
Departed on June 1, 2019, at 7:37AM (time according to FlightAware)
Boeing 737-700
(I have no pictures of the exterior of the aircraft.)

I’ve looked on,, and, but they all require a subscription to show what I’m looking for. FlightAware needs a subscription to see registration/tail numbers, and the other two need a subscription to go farther back in past flight history.
Please let me know if you have a subscription to any of these sites or know of another way to find the tail number.
Thank you!

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It’s N14704. ;)


Wow, thanks for the fast response! That looks to be the right reg.
Thanks for your help!

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Here is a screenshot for further confirmation. ;)


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