Need help finding old tail numbers

So I’ve been working on my myflightradar24 account and logging my flights from my life. I’ve added all the international ones. Now, I’ve used my memory, photo album, and also to find registrations. However, I have a flight from 2016 that I would like to know the registration for. Does anyone know how to find ones from further years or no? Help is appreciated :)

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If you know the current registration, look for it on and look for its operational history.

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Do you have the picture of the flight?

Unfortunately I don’t.
However, I have the flight info:
October 1st, 2016 - CX897 LAX-HKG 77W

If you can’t find it, use if you have a sub because you can only get a maximum of 3 months without one.

On my dad’s phone a few I think…

Could you possibly show me those pictures?

later, yes.

They are not easily accessible to me currently.

Unfortunately this won’t help you, but if anyone ever needs to look up a tail number of a past flight with a US carrier in the USA, follow this link. then search under “Detailed Statistics”. For instance, if you know the departure airport, click “departure”. It will take you to a page where you can select the airline, airport, dates, etc. The database goes back quite a few years, and lists the registration for the selected flights. Just FYI.

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Thanks, that could help with my domestic flights!

I’d like to bump this…

I found a boarding pass on Delta from HKG-NRT, is there a website where I can find the information for it?

January 4
Scheduled departure: 8:00am

Only feasible way is using flightaware with a subscription if too far back in time I believe.

Was it in 2020? I might help you

No, it was a few years ago.

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Ah, sorry to hear that. I can’t help you :(

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Do you know how far back that works (for Europe)?

With a sub it’s about 8 months. You can buy entire histories of flights which are expensive

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That won’t work then for me really, but thank you for the fast reply!

I found the registration for this flight:

It is B-KQM

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