Need Help Finding Flights

Hello community! I was planning on heading back East to see my family, and am having a hard time finding flights. So far I have looked at Southwest, United, and Delta. So I hope maybe you guys could help me find some good fairs.

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  • under 1,000 round trip (preferably under 700)
  • no problem flying business or First
  • NO basic economy unless on Southwest or Delta
  • only 1 stop please


Departure: July 22
Arrival: August 12

I am flexible on dates, trip needs to be back before the 12 trip needs to be 3 weeks.

Needs to take off or land preferably before 6:30 am to 11:30 pm however I know this isn’t always possible, I know my search reauirments are hard. Also airline needs to be able to have a 14 year old fly by themselves. Again thanks to those who help! Whatever I end up choosing I will take lots of pictures of the flight! Thanks for the help, love ya guys!

Another thing is my dad is a silver Elite member for United, he is a FedEx Pilot flies the 757-200 and just went to training today for the MD-11. However if he books the flight under his name is it possible for an upgrade? Or any other posible advantage?

great news my dad because of his extensive United Service has over 100k miles on United. So I will probably fly first class, as it is 50k miles for both flights one way, and take Southwest back. However now I need to choose which plane to fly first on, and which route hope you guys can help!

757-300 LAX-ORD (red eye)
ORD-Hartford coneticut CRJ-700

737-900 LAX-IAH (red eye)
IAH-coneticut 737-900

SFO-Hartford A319 (red eye)

757-300 LAX-ORD
ORD-Hartford 737-700

These are the main flights, keep in mind this is all buisness class, and I need to be well rested as I will be seeing my 97 year old great grandma. Thanks again for all your help!


Just to clarify, are you looking for business or first seats? Also preference over LAX/SNA based on your location (LAX can be cheaper a lot of times)?

It’s dosent really matter, business, first, premium economy, or economy. There are only two things, no regular economy on United or American. And the second things is that, I will fly business or first if it’s a reasonable price, so under 1,000$ round trip. Thanks for your help, and hope I could clarify!

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What do you mean before 6:30 am to 11:30 pm? Are willing to depart and arrive between that time?

It needs to leave, or arrive before 6:30 in the morning, and hopefully before 11:00 at night. Hope this helps, thanks for the help.
Ps: I know these times are abjt tricky with cross country flights, so I am flexible, but would prefer the times listed above.

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Just to get a little more information, is there a reason that you are unwilling to fly economy on United?

It is terible. I will if I have too. But it would probably be one of the last things I would do. My ,last experience on United was absolutely terible.

I can find United first for 1268. However on one leg you could fly economy plus from LAX to EWR to ALB which comes with better service such as a hot meal but most importantly more space - some of these aircraft might even have seatback entertainment. On the other leg you could fly United First.

Are you sure you can do first on one flight and business on another flight, I have heard with United that it is very “all or nothing”

Found United fare 1,053 which would allow you to fly first on one leg if you wanted.

In fact around 1000 if you were willing to fly United Economy plus on the return.

What flight number is that? And is that 1,000 for the round Trip?

Nevermind. I think you can do better, hold on.

Ok, thanks again, y’all are a huge help!

Delta is very pricey for your dates. American is 1200 for first one way and economy the other way but has extremely inconvienient connections. United is ok, but you did say you wanted to avoid flying them.

Another things is to remember, is my dates are flexible, it’s just the trip needs to be 3 weeks, thanks for your help again!

This is one option, but I will look elsewhere for you. Going there is in first, return in economy.

How about this Southwest

Or this fight from LAX, suggest this one but return flight leaves at 6:00 am

This looks fine, the only problem is the times. I used to take this flight (I go back east every summer) and then it just got extremely expensive. My grandparents would be picking me up. They live around and hour away from ALB so getting in at 12, then driving may be a little too much, especially because my grandpa just went through two surgeries and my grandma has to take care of him, and drive him everywhere. However Southwest is easily my favorite carrier, so it’s akways an option,

Considering you are flying to Albany, being a smaller airport, fares transcontinental will be higher. My suggestion is you depart from LAX and arrive into KJFK, and take JetBlue up to Albany. Might be around 700 or so.