Need Help Finding an Airport

I need help finding an airport because it is a challenging airport but I dont know the icao. Heres the stats.

50 foot wide runway
Unknown runway length
Edges on all sides. Steep edges.

Do you know what country it is in?

The United states

It’s in airplane repo episode 2 season 1

Kevin Lacey is there.

Do you have like a picture or something?

Do you mean that glitched airport where the runway is like thousands of feet above the ground?

It’s either in the California’s Central Valley or Colorado.
It was a GA airport right?


What planes were there, what plane did they use, what was the biggest aircraft there, was there an ATC tower, was it . secure airport? Add as much information as possible please.

Lets try all the airports in California, good plan… 😂

Jk, I get what you’re doing isn’t nessarly that, just thought it was funny…


Just trying to help find the airport ICAo code with the limited info available.

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You can use if you’re looking for windy airports.
Also, there is no airport that is always windy. Weather changes almost every day.

I’m not sure that’ll help but I’ll see.

Telluride Regional? ICAO: KTEX

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VNLK (Lukla) meets all this criteria except for the windy weather (it’s very hard to find airports with 50 feet wide runways though)
As a bonus, it has a challenging approach, a short runway, and it’s at a high altitude (9100 feet) which typically means more wind, so it’s definetly challengng!

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