Need help descending and landing

I have been playing IF for about 1 year and I still can’t figure out how to land the best from cursing altitude to runway what is the best way to decent and land?


Normally, you should start your descend at about 100nm (Nautical miles) away from your destination airport.


Use your flaps and set the speed at 200 knots on auto pilot when at or above 10,000 ft. You should do this about ten minutes from the ILS cone. That what works for me. This isn’t official tissue advice it just works for me.

Check Mark Dentons tutorials:

I just follow the glideslope of the runway


Use a descent planner. After a while you get the gist and can do without.

When landing, familiarise yourself with how the loacalisers work and follow the glidescope. If that’s too much use the landing aid functions. When you cross the runway threshold, cut the power and glide the rest. The lower the touchdown VS, the better.

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I meant t say cruising

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You should give this a try,

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I descend usually at 56nm away, slow down to 230. Then I take it from there.

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I also have been playing the game for a year now and I’m finally grade 5! Well… 1 hour of flying experience away but I have a weird way of descending, I completely reduce my speed, disengage autopilot then I sort of tilt the aircraft in a kind of nose dive position, well not nose dive but I tilt it in an unusual way, then if I think I’m descending to fast I put my flaps up, and i reduce my speed until I almost stall, in other words I don’t really know how to properly descend but I also use autopilot rarely

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Here’s the number I use, they work for me. For cruising altitudes in between I just estimate

When at 10,000 descend at 35nm away
When at 12,000 descend at 40-45nm away
When at 15,000 descend at 55 nm away
When at 20,000 descend at 75-80 nm away
When at 30,000 descend at 105 nm away


At about 30nm away, I put on full flaps, armed spoilers, and descend. If I’m in a jumbo jet, I wait for 35nm then put flight spoilers, full flaps, and I have to put landing gear down.

In general During descent above 10,000, there shouldn’t be any flaps nor should landing gear be down

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When I’m at 10000 I usually start descend about 25 nm out at -2500 fpm

Some of these posts explain why I have to put pilots in a hold so close to the airport.


From FL200, I go from 280 knots airspeed to 250 at 75Nm away and start decent at -1800ft/m. Under 10,000ft I do a decent of -1500ft/m. Do that until 6000ft and Judge when to descend to 2500 ft. From there begin your slow down to landing speed. Putting the flaps out at lower levels. By 1000ft you should have gear flaps and spoilers all at landing point.

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I didn’t see one informative response in this entire topic 😔


Use the rule of 3’s
3deg glide slope is standard so for a 10,000 foot decent start it at 30 NM out 20,000 60 NM. 30,000 90 NM. I typically slow down to about 230 ish IAS decent rate at about 1700 feet per minute as you get closer to the ground you will need to adjust this to less and less as your ground speed will decrease as you loose altitude. When you’re on the ILS your decent rate will be about 500 feet per minute with an IAS of 190 or less, 5 miles out start configuring for landing. Flaps gear ect. All altitudes are an AGL reffrence from the destination airport not MSL. Really your speed and decent rate doesn’t matter as long as you hit the marks shown.