Need help deciphering LSZH's KELI2G Star and RWY 28 approach

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Can someone tell me what’s going on here? I plan to fly into LSZH from LIMC, and the selected STAR for RWY28 LSZH is KELI2G. The arrival to LSZH’s airspace is through ZH628, but then the STAR heads to GIPOL, makes a 180°, and then heads to RWY 28. Should I follow this procedure, or just skip the STAR and toggle the approach to RWY 28?


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You can execute a different leg in your FPL by using the “ACT. LEG” button as you can see in your pictures. That’s one way to shorten your arrival if you don’t want to go through all of those unnecessary hoops. Some people just remove some fixes, but either way works unless ATC is active and requires you to fly the STAR (would be said in the ATIS).

It should be along these lines. LNAV won’t fly it properly in IF due to the lack of waypoint crossing types and inability to display procedure discontinuity.


damn, I need to fly that

Perfect, I’ll just file the approach to RWY 28 instead of following the STAR. What would happen if I file the whole STAR? What would LNAV do?

Update: I was able to perform the entire KELI2G STAR without issues, maybe just a bit slow. Here’s the S&V topic:

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