Need Help Deciding on an Aviation University

Since my sophomore year in winding down and junior year just around corner, I decided to start looking for universities that would best fit my major. I came across Embry-Riddle and Coast Guard Academies. The problem however is the discrepencies between what my parents want and what I want.
I want to go to Embry-Riddle because of their reputation to shape up great pilots
My parent want me to go the Coast Guard University because their tuition is paid for the by the government??

The problem is that I don’t think that the Coast Guard University will help me that much in pursuing my career of becoming an airline pilot.

Has anyone had any sort of experience with the two universities that I listed above or are there any university suggestions that you can give me?

(I live in the Northeast)

Thank you


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Are your parents open to any other type of Government-paid academy and or university? The Air Force Academy is an option if so…

yea. they are
do you think that the air force academy could possible help me with my career dreams?

Yes. Of course. The Air Force academy definitely will, but the problem is, I believe you have to serve as an airman, just like the Naval Academy, West Point (which is also a good one) etc. But from what I’ve heard, there’s a hell of a lot of competition in the Air Force Academy aviation wise…

Just stepping in here to comment, there are MANY more avaiation universities than Embry Riddle

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Coast Guard Academy would be my choice. Free college from a premier university, you can’t beat it. For the AFA, it is ridiculously hard to get into. If you do choose the military route, you must fly with the military for 10 years before getting out and going into commercial (you can stay longer). I have a lot of friends that did the AF route, and are now commercial pilots. They all said it makes it easier to get a commercial gig, just take longer. AFA is seriously competitive and hard to get into.


yes, i am aware of that but i feel like embry riddle stands out the most

here’s where the problem lies.
my parents don’t want me being in ANY part of the military

I understand that. However, if you go to the Air Force academy, it’s just as good as going to Yale, Harvard, or Stanford. Also, if danger is their worry, it shouldn’t be. The military is a great career choice. Free housing, travel, great paying jobs, and great opportunity and career choices once you retire. Do you also know why they don’t want you to?


Probably the fear of the rising tension(s) with the Middle East and U.S.? I’m not his parents though… @antek, when you do graduate from the AFA, you may not be deployed to an area of high warfare, you may even stay stateside, I’ve got a few friends that stayed stateside for their deployments.

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something along those lines…

Don’t have say if you don’t want to, but what grade are you in? To be a pilot, you will probably first be up the skies serving in about six years after our first day at the AFA. Also, not all military jobs are combat based. My father was a meteorologist, and he was deployed only once in his 23 year career. I know someone else who was a helicopter pilot and was deployed 3 times in nine years. Depends on what you do.

currently a high school sophomore

It’s also the most expensive. I visited when I was making my choice. I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. I applied and got accepted into Averett, in Virginia. Part 141 but significantly cheaper. Also, Averett offered me alot more scholarship money than Embry did. So it was cheaper plus I got a bigger percentage of it paid

hmmm… I’ll look into Averett University then

I guess my advice is to look local first… look around your area and instate. I didn’t even know Averett existed until I looked, and I’ve fallen in love with the town and school. Look around your state for flight schools. Look for part 141 training and reduced ATP rating/accredited universities. If not, then start looking nationally

Hey! @antek I’m going through something very similar to you right now. I have gotten my college down to two as well( accept I’m a senior graduating in 21 days), and it is between Embry-Riddle and Mckendree University. I practically have Mckendree paid for, but I’m no sure if I can meet later life goals. My dad for a time was recommending I go the Air Force Academy, and transfer before they make you sign the paper in Junior year, to go into the military. I know how you feel, but if it helps I leaning towards Embry-Riddle in my choice.

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Things can also change in the next 8-9 years. Also, again, don’t have to say if you don’t want to, but how is your school performance? Grades are hugely important to get into, and I’m taking 4.0+ GPA’s all four years, and taking as many AP classes as you can. Again, it’s ridiculously hard to get into. I have a senior friend who is valedictorian with a 4.9 GPA, and still didn’t get in. However, you will be set for life and have not student debt. If you go to Riddle, you may be sitting in 200k+ of student debt after.

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i think my school performance is above average
my gpa is lies around the 3.7 - 3.9 mark and got a 1390 on my PSAT

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