need help/advice for buying another device

my current device that i use for IF is Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE. 3GB ram, android 6.0.1, 2014,.
check this site for full specs:

i gave up, for two days i couldn’t do a single complete flight the app crashed on every flight and my most recent flight which the app crashed few minutes ago my app settings were: texture low, rending quality fast, AA off, low power mode ON, Limit frame rate on, plane count low, brightness low, volume mute,.

and the app still crashes! so i just gave LOL i think my device is ain’t capable at handling IF anymore, i did a full factory reset yesterday, its still crashes on every single flight.,…

for now i can’t afford buying a new device so i was going through some of the used android devices on a local site, and i found a few:
samsung galaxy s8, samsung galaxy note8, both have almost the same specs except note8 have 2gb more ram and slightly bigger screen but the S8 is a bit cheaper.,

if anyone here uses any of those two devices please share your experience and advice, cause since i am gonna let go of the tablet i would like to use the screen mirror function since i have a Sony Bravia smart HD TV which supports screen mirroring, i know the note8 and S8 both have “smart view” function its the same as screen mirroring right?!

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Id recommend the note 8. Even though it costs a bit more, the extra ram and bigger screen is a big plus when playing infinite flight.

However if you want a device that will last you a very long time then you should go for the new 2018/19 ipad


Check out Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You! for device compatibility.

In the notes of the Note8 and S8, looks like the Note8 got a higher Geekbench review, and received positive notes on the sheer size of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

OS : Android 7.0
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit frame rate : On
GeekBench scores : 1782/ 6029
Notes : Runs very well on high quality settings. If the airport is busy you may sometimes need to turn off anti-aliasing to reduce some lag. Overall you will receive a high quality experience from this device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

OS : Android 7.1.1
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-aliasing : ON
Limit Frame Rate : OFF
GeekBench Scores : 1984 / 6116
Note : With these settings Infinite Flight looks stunning on the Note 8’s huge screen. Worth to mention that with the Frame Limiter set to Off, the phone tends to push itself to the limits no matter how crowded the airport is nearby, which can make it really hot, especially when the phone is in Optimised performance mode, which can later cause some lag.


I wouldnt recommend using the screen mirroring. Its mainly only good for like viewing pictures or watching videos and not playing games. This is because there is always lag that occurs due to it being a wireless connection. I would instead buying a hdmi to usb c adapter.

oh i have seen a 6th generation ipad, someone is selling a brand new one barely used "only 1/2 weeks and they have the warranty, their price is cheaper than the note8 but its only 2GB ram which is what i am worried about,.

Get an iPad. Far more ideal for IF. If you can afford one that is. The data sheet doesn’t matter when it comes to Apple devices.

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Which ipad is the one you always recommend?

iPad 2018 is great.

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i can afford a used Ipad 6th generation, someone is selling it for price more affordable than the note8, so i guess i should go for the ipad?!

IOS utilizes ram a lot differently than android thus why theres a lot less. And plus infinite flight is more optimised for IOS devices and runs really smooth on newer models

oh i see no wonder why

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Too add to what @Chatta290 said, the iPad 2017 also runs IF great and it might be a cheaper option. If I’m not wrong the iPad 2017 has an A11. iPad 2018 an A12. Not a big difference in terms on Infinite Flight when you think about it. But if you are thinking about it as a long term device the 2018 might be a better option.

This is what someone put on the compatibility thread for the 6th gen ipad.
It looks like itll run fine at the highest settings.

iPad 6.Generation (2018) 9.7

OS : iOS 12.0 Beta / iOS 11.4.1
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : Off
Airplane count : Very High
GeekBench Scores : 3464 / 5890
Battery : 8827mAh
Notes : Tested it on iOS 11.4.1 and on 12.0 Beta
Runs perfectly fine. Be wary of throttling.

Yes most certainly. Andoird devices get throttled pretty quickly usually so after a short time they aren’t as good as they were when new and that’s a particular issue with Samsung. Apple devices are less of a problem in my opinion. I have the Air 2 as most people know. Over 4 years old and still runs IF on Max settings so no doubt you buying an iPad will be a long term investment.

the ipad Air 2 is a lot cheaper which i can afford easily but i have seen some topics about the app crashing on ipad Air two,

so i guess the 6th generation is a much safer option for the long run!

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For the long run, definitely.

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oh i also wonder does ios app store supports carrier billing? like Ooredoo?

Billing through your sim carrier?

yes i do that on google play

It is limited to only a few carriers and depends on where you live. What country are you from?