Need for Speed : River Edition ( with video guide ) @ EHMD - 131600ZMAY17

#NFS : River Edition

Hey there !
After our very successful Pylon Race, we continue to bring you fun and other than usual events. On saturday, we will go play some Need for Speed : River Edition. Aim is to race fastest from A to B, following the river in between the waypoints.
The only aircraft allowed are the F14, F16 and F18.

Check out the video guide below to see race details

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHMD

Time: 1600Z

Comment down below if you want to join the race :)

Participants :

This event was brought to you by The AeroSync Group.


:( 2:am for us Aussies


I’ll be coming in the event.

Amazing Video! Really nice!

When is there ever an event that’s not early hours of the morning for us 😂


Yeah so annoying, there are rarely event after 22:00zulu !

Anyways I may do the race.


I’m not saying anything…

But you know me… If I was able to create events… I would.

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I may shift it back a little bit, internally we have a vote right now which time fits best for most people.


Awesome! I will be there!

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May I also be in it please. BTW, great vid. I will be flying in an F16!

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by the way, do you wanna attend or did you just congratulate for the video :D

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Ah and by the way, you will be invited to a discord channel for race details shortly before the race in order to avoid confusion !

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Nice. I’m looking forward to it.

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Same, will be super nice just like the last one. Thinking about doing a fun edit after the event again, just like the last time ;)


Great :) I will be there!

thanks, I will add you !

Hola, me uno a esta competencia! BVGC7

Not surprised that the fastest fighter in the game isn’t on the contestant list.

It would be unfair, the F22s handling and acceleration is just so much better whilst the othet jets are comparable

I will tag you :) 20C