Need for Speed @ KLAX - 102200ZFEB19


I see you too @Luke_Sta


I need one really quick


Ok I’m set at 35000 who needs gas


@Darkeyes your at -1,000,000ft…


I’m getting in a tanker. Where are you guys at?


New technology…


They’re a bit east of Pittsburgh


13%… R.I.P. me


Catch up to me I’m free


Whoever just fuelled me, thanks! I really needed that


I’m dead. Rip to whoever was in the F22


Ok I’m watching at JFK


Nice Race, my system crashed. Good flight (was near you Raptor 1)

callsign Lindberg 51


Congrats to @AdamCallow for winning! 🎉 It was a hard fought, tense and fast paced race. Well done!

Thanks for joining guys! Had about 20 of you show up. Nice to see. Maybe something more challenging like a race across the Atlantic would be up next. Let me know what your thoughts are. Hope you guys had fun!


Thanks for the Great flight Deer! Hope to do another one some day :)

Ooh, Across the Atlantic sounds fun :)


Thanks for the Great race everyone! And extra thanks to anyone who stuck a tanker up for us, really helped out and made for some interesting (Tense) refuelling.


Point of order but I landed about a minute earlier. On 4L so you nearly took my head off deer crusher!

Happy for a rematch though…😉


Haha. Yeah… about that. I was dealing with a 120kt crosswind and really had no choice but to put her down.


Looked impressive though!


We should do this again, cross Atlantic race and have a sign up for racers and sign up for tankers. post the tankers at certain “check points”