Need for Speed @ KLAX - 102200ZFEB19


I tried to go in space a few months ago on the casual server, doing what everyone does, but I could not, my aircraft crashed and I had a violation


For awhile, I was near last. You guys had a good lead on me.


A close pack of Raptors follows, including @CR3W , M-AGIC, Marine 2, and the dangerously handsome @Canadian1337 (YEETLIFE)


I’m saying follow the pink guy


Impossible. No vios on cas


I do not know why, but now I’m afraid to try again


Ima stop for fuel in Denver


I accidentally went to space


You did? Right now?


Almost but I crashed


In the lead by far xD


Where’s everyone fueling up?


I casually passed a 787-10 going 1200kts. 😂


Rip the 787 😂


I definitely didn’t crash then spawn at KORD xD


I definitely did not forget to have 1 and 30 min of fuel and I defintely did not spawn in at Denver lol


Ima stop at KPUB


Someone keep the tanker posted on the whereabouts of the pack of raptors.




I’d be willing to hop in a tanker…