Need for Speed @ KLAX - 102200ZFEB19


Oh no someone air to air me


That’s an Almost clever way of beating the system 😂😂


Into space we go


Ya like dat @DeerCrusher?


You can. Just cant glitch your way there.


Lol I meant what I’m doing rn


My only suggestion that I’d give in the 6 minutes before we leave is to find out the winds aloft. The one with the higher groundspeed will get there first.


Keep an eye out for “PITSTOP” along the way. Just throwing that out there.


Good luck to all the racers


Anyone like my callsign?


Do we have to takeoff from the runway?


Im gonna win ;P


and cr3w smh


And we’re off!


I like your callsign


Winner gets Mod on the IFC

not rlly, but maybe @DeerCrusher will put in a good word ;P


Haha. If I did that, I’d be getting replaced. 🤣


I’ll provide some play by play


It’s looking like a close race folks
FFACHILE currently in the lead
Look at the yeet on his throttle!


Oh, but @DeerCrusher (Gordon Ramsay) is in a close second. This one’s gonna be down to the wire folks