Need for Speed @ KLAX - 102200ZFEB19

  • Aircraft and Livery: F22

  • Route:
    KLAX-KJFK (direct)

  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:

  • Additional Information:

The first one across the country wins. 🤭

Spawning in now. Leaving in 19 mins.

Alt/Spd: whatever you want and whatever will get you across the US the quickest
Fuel: Stop and get fuel where and when you need to.


I’m gonna win this boi

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What if I spawned in KJFK?


Then you lose

Besides - we all know I’mma win

You can do that. You just have to fly from LAX first and have flown the whole route. 🙂

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Not if I get there first

Can I take off now, or must I wait till 17 min

“Perhaps”, but I’ll win


Don’t you know it

Do we have to follow taxi lines and FAA regulations on the ground? @DeerCrusher

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Its the casual server. You can do whatever you want.

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So I can take off now?

I’m in as YEE

Nope. Not yet. Everyone departs at the top of the hour. So in 12 minutes.

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Can someone air to air refuel me so I can beat everyone

Haha negative charlie

The rules are simple. Just make it to JFK first from LAX first. Can’t spawn in at JFK and say you won. 😂

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Remember guys and gals it’s not about who wins, but who takes part. We are all winners.



Is there a fix called lax near jfk

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Nope There isn’t