Need for Speed @ KLAX - 102200ZFEB19


  • Aircraft and Livery: F22

  • Route:
    KLAX-KJFK (direct)

  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:

  • Additional Information:

The first one across the country wins. 🤭

Spawning in now. Leaving in 19 mins.

Alt/Spd: whatever you want and whatever will get you across the US the quickest
Fuel: Stop and get fuel where and when you need to.


I’m gonna win this boi


What if I spawned in KJFK?


Then you lose

Besides - we all know I’mma win


You can do that. You just have to fly from LAX first and have flown the whole route. 🙂


Not if I get there first


Can I take off now, or must I wait till 17 min


“Perhaps”, but I’ll win



Don’t you know it


Do we have to follow taxi lines and FAA regulations on the ground? @DeerCrusher


Its the casual server. You can do whatever you want.


So I can take off now?


I’m in as YEE


Nope. Not yet. Everyone departs at the top of the hour. So in 12 minutes.


Can someone air to air refuel me so I can beat everyone


Haha negative charlie


The rules are simple. Just make it to JFK first from LAX first. Can’t spawn in at JFK and say you won. 😂


Remember guys and gals it’s not about who wins, but who takes part. We are all winners.



Is there a fix called lax near jfk


Nope There isn’t