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I’d like to know what this is for, I’ve never used it
And how to use it and set it up? (NAV, AV1, CRS, BRG…)

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For where it says “source GPS” you can change it to NAV 1 or NAV 2
And that means
When you set the runway or VOR to NAV 1 or 2 it will change the LNAV from following the GPS to the NAV (basically tuning into the ILS or directing to a waypoint)

NAV 1 and NAV 2 will show what you tuned into
Screenshot_20230924_163508_Samsung Internet

The BRG will show on the compass and also you can change it if you select for example NAV 1 on the BRG you’ll see an arrow pointing to where ever NAV 1 is
What you have tuned for example
The NAV 1 will show where ever you tuned to NAV 1 on that
(the same for BRG 2)

I have no clue what that does

How to set it up:
NAV 1 and/or 2

When you press the airport icon
And the menu comes up if you press runways
You can set the NAV to any runway (that has ils)

The press NAV 1
And blue arrow should show up on the compass

When you go to the NAV section and set the source to NAV 1 The blue arrow will turn Green and the LNAV will change from “LNAV GPS” to “LNAV NAV 1” the plane then will follow the NAV 1

Nav 2
Similar but you can set is as to VORs same steps as the first one

If you want more info check out DeerCrusher’s post (one under mine)
Hopefully this makes sense


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Set it to the heading you want to intercept a VOR at.


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