Need filmer

Hay guys a group of us our trying to make a video of all emirates aircraft flying and we want it to be professional. So if anyone is amazing at infinite flight recording and photography it would be great if you could help make it. There is a possible social media chief role to who ever wants to make the video. For an upcoming big VA. STILL NEED FILMER DESPERATELY.


You already stated that…just edit your original topic ;)

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Tiss I, Bulba, Co-CEO of the IFYT would had said yeah for it. Williss my video recorder doesn’t work. I have done good works for VA’s. And I worked and my payment was a happy customer


Hi!how much is your budget?😜

Can you please specify in more detail what the filter is required for? I’ve moved it into the LIVE:VA Category for now as reading between the lines it is for a VA, this will most likely help you out.

A grand total of 0 dollars

a filter is just to make the video and images look amazing

I would enjoy helping you. I’m really in to filmimg and editing, but I don’t have Live or YouTube:-(

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