Need Crew Center For VO | Need Options

Already have. We using at moment but we want to switch from that to something more reliable in the future.

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Hey there’s now a new type of Phpvms crew centre with a built in security plugin

If you still need help just let me know. Ive made 3 this month and just been experimenting with them

Hi as a web designer I have more experince so I would recommend these to anyone who is doing this for the frist time but my top recommendation is a website called free flarum it will allow you to create a product simlar to the IFC here. Slack is a great option however if this is your very frist time making an airline Id recommend sticking to products like weebly or wordpress. And definitely go for a discord server if you can as slack is still complicated for me and I’ve used it a bunch. Good luck on your project! Feel free to reach out to me with questions. Or the others lotta people here have some great insight.

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