Need Crew Center For VO | Need Options

that’s not a crew center, that’s a communication platform. Crew Centers are a place to log flights.


I’ve realized that, thank you @Hardlanding_Hussain

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Already have a wix site for our VO. It has a community forum but the crew center is not as authentic and cool as we want it to be.

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I’d go as far as to say that a crew center isn’t a necessity for these reasons:

  • Security, or rather a lack of it
    Crew centeres aren’t secure. For example, VaBase stores passwords without any hashing, which means if a bad person gets into your database all of your crew’s passwords will be exposed, and not much people have different passwords for their accounts.
  • They are not designed for IF
    Most crew centers are intended for PC flight sim use, thus they have a lot of features you won’t ever need, but which clog up the UI in places like pireps

Heyyyyy @sqeezelemon ,

Oh really. I did not know that. Well I am doing extensive research and fact checking on many fronts to confirm the accuracy of a VA software for crew center eligibility for Fly Global. But I will come to a decision on which one we will use or just stick with our password secure discord server.

Have a nice night.


Hey Hussain! I have heard that people are not recommending phpVMS due to its age. Therefore, it is easy to hack. That is what brought down so many VAs.

Oh, that must be bad.

A VANet Crew Centre does the job very well.

Hey mate! If you ever need help with a CrewCenter let me know - I like making them and have done it for a few VA’s.

As for your options well, there’s a lot of them!

To start, I will list some free options. First up we have PHPVms, Community user, Kai M has an extensive tutorial list explaining the steps needed to set up PHPVMS 5.5. Here is a link to tutorial number 1

There is a CrewCenter system created by that very same Kai M.

Next, we have a new crewcenter not yet on the market but is created by a fellow community member.

There also is a new version of PHPVMS called PHPVMS 7, this newer version is a bit more complicated and there aren’t any solid tutorials, but here is a link to their website!

Lastly, there is VAM or Virtual Airlines Manager. This system is a bit outdated and requires a bit of coding, but it works beautifully.

Now, Let’s dive into some paid Crewcenters, usually more developed than free ones, paid crewcenters offer a plethora of features.

First up we have the paid version of Flare-VaNet the newest CC for VA’s on the market. I have the link to the features list here

Secondly, we have VaBase, a great crewcenter used by VA’s such as BAVA, CAVA, and EZYVA. I understand you found this to be expensive, but I am going to include it on the list so you can compare it!

In Conclusion, there are tons of amazing CrewCenters you can choose from. You can also code your own just like VA’s such as DLVA! Please do not hesitate o let me know if you have any questions!

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If you don’t wanna do it your self I also build crew centers. Fill out the link in my bio if you wish to have me build it. I use phpVMS

Do you mind linking it to me?

Search up VANET and the website will come up. But hosting is expensive


The current VA in-witch I am working for Created a Wix Based crew center within our mainstream website. It is rather simple to make and we wouldn’t mind running you through it. I saw people mentioning slack as this has become a problem with our va is if your going to use Slack your VA airline age restriction must be set at or above 16 years of age. I highly suggest that you switch to discord if you plan on doing this (though I read your using a forum which is a interesting choice!)

Let me know if I can help,

Hey @USA_ATC ,

Yes, we are interested and exploring for a operational and modern/safe crew center software. We are interested in your offer and I am open to further discussion. At the moment it is 12:30am for me so I think I should return to sleep. If you have any further questions let me know and we can work out a contract aka what you get in return for this in the coming days.

Have a nice night.

Chief Executive Officer | Fly Global Virtual

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phpVMS is using a having for passwords in the database

Already have. We using at moment but we want to switch from that to something more reliable in the future.

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Hey there’s now a new type of Phpvms crew centre with a built in security plugin

If you still need help just let me know. Ive made 3 this month and just been experimenting with them

Hi as a web designer I have more experince so I would recommend these to anyone who is doing this for the frist time but my top recommendation is a website called free flarum it will allow you to create a product simlar to the IFC here. Slack is a great option however if this is your very frist time making an airline Id recommend sticking to products like weebly or wordpress. And definitely go for a discord server if you can as slack is still complicated for me and I’ve used it a bunch. Good luck on your project! Feel free to reach out to me with questions. Or the others lotta people here have some great insight.

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