Need clearance to avoid conflict?

Do you need clearance to deconflict with another aircraft if ATC didn’t notice the conflict? I encountered a situation today after takeoff from WMKK where TCAS would have probably gone off because another aircraft descended within 1000ft in front of me towards WSSS (I was at cruise altitude already).


Do anything you can to not crash. Simple 🤷‍♂️ 😂

Not being in a conflict is both the controller’s and your responsibility, so always keep your head on a swivel when possible. If a conflict arises, just avoid it any way you can (basically)

I think,You don’t need ATC clearance to avoid conflict with other aircraft. If The Aircraft is 1000ft below you, Just keep attention to it, no need for action, if the aircraft is less than 1000ft below or above you, you should take an action.
Sorry If it’s wrong :)

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You should not need clearance to avoid a crash. Remember, aviate, navigate, communicate, in that order.

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All conflicts are assumed unintentional involving away aircraft. Was the other person’s status deemed “away?”

Responsibility always lies with the pilot. Controllers are there to help. Anything is valid if its in the name of safety (or virtual safety)

The other pilot was descending, and causing anconflict during descent is an offense even if you are away

I’m assuming they were on VNAV and away? not everyone is always there during descent.

You can quick search the bible (User Guide) Yes, the User guide states that in terms of separation, if the aircraft is below IFR separation rules (1000ft/3nm) request deviation from your course. In the case its below MVFR (500ft) you as a pilot need to take the correct measurements and actions to avoid a conflict.

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Please stay with your device during climb/descent.

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