Need ATC Help for Cinematic Video

I’m currently working on a cinematic video and in dire need of ATC tracks or sounds. I could easily go into the Training Server and record ATC tracks from there but I am afraid that doing that won’t meet the quality that I want it to be. I am asking anyone to go into an empty region with me and have random ATC conversations that I can record for my video

Any help would be appreciated

(Here’s a preview to the video if you guys want to watch )

Note: The video is barely finished


Go to FNF right now, there is atc on expert.

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don’t have access T_T

Well then you’re stuffed! Jk, you can come when I open ATC later today on TS1

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alright, i’ll try to make it :D

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gonna bump this in case anyone wants to help out

I can help ya for a bit. I need to practice sometime anyways when do you feel your available. We can go to a dead area and get what your looking for.

alright just let me know when you are available

I’ve got some time now all day tomorrow

ill try to make time today otherwise we can do it tmrw :)

Ok no problem. Just Dm me when your ready

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So basically you need atc to direct you?

I really love your video! Unfortunately, I am not able to help you now, but I might be available tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

I can If your still open

so basically i just need random atc chatters for my cinematic video

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