Need ATC advice

Hi Infinite Flight community, I have been away for a long time and have recently returned I normally control on the trainer server and normally control ground tower frequency however if my favorite airports did not have the ground tower frequency open I sometimes control approach and departure I was controlling London Heathrow director approach frequency and I had a aircraft request the visual for Runway 7 right I gave him vectors however when I was ready to clear him for the visual approach 7 right I could not find anywhere to clear him. Can someone please explain to me where to find these commands on approach and departure frequencies? I promise you I am not a novice it’s just been a while and I apologize for the time it will take you to explain this to me.

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There would be a button clear for approach just tap that then clear


That makes sense however, I didn’t see one anywhere that I looked.

The “clear for approach” Option only appears if you have assigned an approach to the Pilot with the “Expect Approach” feature beforehand.


Thanks a lot, that helps a lot.


Another thing: For further questions please post them in this thread Air Traffic Controlling Q&A Thread - #122 by NeperQiell
to keep things clean! Thanks :)

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