Need ATC advice

Could someone please help me with understanding the commands for ground, Tower, approach, and departure and where to find the commands? I used to play all the time but I stopped for a year or more now just hit grade 2 again and trying to get back into the hang of things, any helpful tips are much appreciated!

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My advice is to read the ATC manual or user guide

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Welcome back!

In this up-to-date guide, you will find a nice summary on how to communicate with ATC.


Use “Duplicate Freq change” when someone on Ground frequency requestes freq change, because on taxi command you are clearing them a handoff

Which question are you replying to? @Mateo_CD

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Some of the advices of ATC @Anthony_Morgan ;)

However, as @Rian16 said, you should (or must) check the manual and control airports with traffic for a better understanding @Michael_Sides1 (avoid LAX and LHR Plis).

Emm that’s so random but ok @JetSuperior5192

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Ask anything you make want to know here and some IFATC or someone experienced will likely respond :)

You may learn alot by reading what others have asked for aswell!

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