Need An Experienced Video Editor for my Promotional VA video

Okay so I am developing my VA but I need professionals that can do VA promotional Videos and video editing.
Please DM me to apply.

Anyone that can do this?

Then why not make the video yourself? Just record videos of landings/takeoffs, crop it, etc.


If they’re professional it means you need to pay them. If you’re going to pay someone I recommend you look elsewhere for this…

If you are not seeking a “professional” editor I would send @anon49271947


The word he’s probably looking for is “experienced”. An experienced video editor. 😉


Just clearing up the terminology - it can get you in trouble ;)

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Yea experienced exactly

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I think @Bulba can help u out? @TheCuriousPilot

hey bud I’m here if you need help… though I was out of video doing I can still edit.

I can help you if you need help

@Bulba and @B747fan he got banned so maybe when he’s back he can answer.

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Yes I just saw that before your replay

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