Need Airport suggestions

Any nice big airports situated on a bay with mountains all around like PANC? Preferably with height map, sad that Alaska is flat.

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VNKT i believe has mountains all around it, and the mountains also have small airports i think 🙂

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Be sure to check out NZQN, classic airport with tons of kiwi terrain ;)


Hmmm I’d much prefer one situated on the coast though, but thanks!

Oh right, how could I forget about NZ!

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PHNL has mountains around part of it, along with high hills at KSJC and KSFO.

Rio de Janeiro???

Although I am pretty late for a response, not all of Alaska is flat. We still have the beautiful region of Juneau and Southeast Alaska with breathtaking views of mountains, crystal blue waters, and large glaciers. :)

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I’ll be sure to try Juneau for Saturday’s CYYC. Thanks.

I would recommend LYTV, fits your description

I flew Anchorage to Kodiak, Kodiak is a beautiful Approach and the route is flown by Alaska Airlines in their 737s

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