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hello, so my phone was stolen a few weeks ago, and I am getting a new phone on Friday.

would everything be saved? when i get a new phone, and also what kind of phone is best for IF?

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Everything should be attached to your account that you initially used to sign up for live (I’m talking about your google or facebook account). If you have a google play account or apple ID that you used to purchase the app, you should be able to download it again with no charge, using that account.

If you have any questions, let us know.


my worry is that i wouldn’t remember my google account password :*, had troubles before, and what about type of phone i should buy? what is the best phone for IF gaming?

Possibly an S8-9.
If your more on the Apple side, IPhone 7 and up are smooth on IF too.

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I dont want apple, my gf suggests i get an I-phone… and well everyone says android

If You do not remember Your password, click “Forgot Password?” when signing in. If You truly have a bad memory, it’s best to keep Your passwords written down on a piece of paper.

As for the device, is nice for Infinite Flight. Would recommend using it. You can buy a phone that costs more for better specs, however this is really enough

Alright, I have an iPad Air 2 and an S8… Used to be a lifetime Apple user, but got the S8 and I’m surprised, go ahead maybe the S8-9 will fit you. If you want a bigger screen go for the latest Samsung note.

problem is when i click forget password, nothing is good, its all old info… :( the security part and all.

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Here’s the list of compatible devices, aling with how well they run IF.

Hope this helps


I’ve sent You a PM regarding You seeking advice for a phone and also help with restoring Your password.

Don’t go for this if you’re looking for a decent Device… It runs a Snapdragon 435 and that is a very low powered budget chip.
If you’re looking to stretch your budget a bit further, I would 100% recommend the OnePlus 6 if it is available in your country.
@BobbyRobert has linked my device compatibility thread above, go there if you need any help, I am essentially the forums device geek, especially when it comes to android 😜

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Well, You seem to know Your stuff more than I do. I don’t need a new device at the moment for running IF, since my iPad mini 2 is perfectly capable of doing so.

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If you want an iphone (dont recommend) id say anything from the 7 onwards. For android pretty much any device made in the past 2 years is good enough to be honest. Personally i recommend the huawei p20 pro or the Oneplus 6

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