Need a Photoshopper/Editor [CLOSED]

Hello members of the forum! Beautiful morning/afternoon/evening
IFPM here is recruiting a forum member with Photoshopping abilities and superior editing skills. We would appreciate it if you had a background in editing and Photoshopping. If you feel you fit the bill, and are exstatic about joining IFPM, please pm me :)

-508 (Head of Staff at IFPM)

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I’ll check with him thank you

IFPM is VA right?

No, photo coverage of Olympics.

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i htink theyre a temproary organization for the IF Olympics

Also @mattrich and (if he’s available) @IFSM are great at editing.


As of now we are not a temporary group

Henrik no we are not a VA! And thank you @Bluepanda900

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I may consider joining.

If you would like to join the Photoshopping and Editing Staff please contact me via pm

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