Need a new callsign

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a new callsign.
Name- Jack BC

any one have any tips.



G-J4CK looks cool mate !


I feel like it doesn’t stand out :(

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I think your current callsign is cool … Looks really nice. you do not need to make a head of it, that’s obvious :)

If you’re looking for a callsign that stands out… first thing that comes to mind for me is 4TN1T3

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It took me a while to find a callsign that I liked. I’m sticking with Reunion 22. Look through airline callsigns if you want to. Just choose one you like.

It could be J-BAKC or C-JBAK or K-BAJC or B-JACK or C-JACK with the letters of your name…

At the end of the day, it’s you that uses the callsign and nobody else. Experiment around to see what you like 🙂


Do JACK. My call sign is ETHAN

I would recommend incorporating your country into it aswell. For example, mine is C-ETHN, using Canada and my name into the callsign.

I use N4EM, and here’s why: N for US reg (I live in the US), 4 is my favorite number, and EM for my initials. It’s simple, it’s quick to readout, and I like it.

My old callsign was a generated one by IF, and it was N428LA. I liked it, but it got old after a long while of using it.


I always got a chuckle IRL when we came across a GA plane with “Whiskey Tango” or “Papa Yankee” “Papa Whiskey” “Papa Romeo” etc. It becomes a game of license plate bingo or I Spy and some of the nicknames are fitting for squad mates. We had a few Papa Whiskeys and Papa Romeos for sure.

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Mate feel free to use your imagination. Your call sign is something unique about you not that it stands out. Mine (not in IF) is ace cause I’m a good shot. Just think…

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You could use G-JKBC

I always use a real world callsign when flying an airline aircraft - whenever I am flying GA/Corporate I use the callsign:

BB001IF (BennyBoy, 001, Infinite Flight)

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