Need a judge now! [Closed]

Mods can close this afterwards.
We need a judge to come to KPMD in SoCal now! Judge 4 people landing a 777 with Big Bear Callsigns
. Please come and give us our ratings with no bias. Casual Server


It’s gonna cost ya


we’ll mention you in the final topic

Didn’t know Big Bear had there own livery on the 777.

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i meant callsigns

we have a judge

I’ll attend.

ok thanks, really helps

I was in the air Berlin a319 with the call sign JUDGE

Sorry I couldn’t go now guys. the original landing comp was really fun though!

Want me to come ? Coming now anyway …

I’m next to you. I’m N1BK.

I could only rate 2 of them

And the 2 I saw were definitely smooth landings

Watch Judge Judy!

There you have a judge. Learn from her.

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