Need a job at a VA

Hey u want to start up my own va anyone want to be my partner for this start up msg me !

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Hey I run Island Air looking for a COO

What airline is that?

Is there a united virtual Have a look here

United virtual is coming and i need a suporting hand

Starting a VA is a job which requires website building skills, good organisation, a designated fleet, perhaps some routes but most importantly it needs a lot of care and attention. There’s no point creating a new VA if you can’t do that. There are a lot of inactive ones on here. I suggest joining one instead. I’m part of Alaska Virtual courtesy of @AlaskaVirtual.

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There is already a united virtual have a look on the second link

I will join but i want to be one of the heads plz

Yeh that’s what I was saying

Ok priavte message me

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