Need a controller buddy?

Hey, If you need a controller buddy since It can get boring being alone on ATC sometimes. And It’s also easier because you can coordinate with someone you can actually communicate with. Hit me up on messages so we can control there and communicate together

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You can apply to join IFATC

Have already.

That’s not the point. I know what is. I’m talking about controlling with someone, like I take Tower and Ground and then the other person does App and Depp and we can communicate you know

Global ATC Requests for the Training Server || Official Thread - Live / VA - Infinite Flight Community

I apologize for my earlier response. Check out the above topic. I am sure that there are many controllers on the Training Server who you could meet and discuss what you are proposing. Otherwise, I would say continue your training for IFATC so you can join the professional team that they are. You will definitely coordinate with Approach and Departure controllers once you get there.

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